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VetaPro innovative formulation, designed for an absolute resorption. Two coatings for different purposes. Taste masking and sustained release; Moister and integrity protection; Carefuly selected Nutraceuticals.

What makes us different?

The highest quality nutraceuticals in double-coated tablets with taste masking effect and sustained release, protected from low PH of the stomach to improve liver health. Explore the best pet supplements

best pet supplements, liver support for dogs and cats

Top Rated Pet Products

OptiAid pet nutritional medicine package

OptiAid paste

High-calorie complementary feed for dogs and cats.
Bezo-Stop Paste cats stomach medicine package

Bezo-Stop paste

Complementary feed for cats, coats the stomach and digestive tract.
Urino Paste medicine package

Urino paste

Complementary feed for dogs and cats, urine acidifier.
Skin & Fur pets medicine package

Skin & Fur

Complementary feed for dogs and cats that improves the quality of skin

Neurovet Alpha Complete

Complementary feed for dogs that have increased need to protect the nervous
Multipro medicine package


Complementary feed for dogs and cats intended to preserve normal function of