vetapro renitine


Nutritional supplement for dogs and cats with acute, chronic kidney failure, hyperphosphataemia.


80 g / 180 g powder,

Measuring scoop


Magnesium carbonate 15 g/g

Chitosan 10 g/g

Magnesium carbonate is phosphate binding agent, such as calcium carbonate, aluminum carbonate, lanthanum carbonate and others. Phosphate binders change their anion to phosphorus and become phosphate salts in the digestive tract, which are ejected by the faeces. Comparing the efficiency of the phosphate binder, and for comparison, take 1 g of CaCO3 as an index, or if it is said that the efficiency of 1 g CaCO3 is equal to the unit (= 1), then it can be said that: Lanthanum carbonate has an efficiency of 2,9; Sevelamer hydrochloride has 0.6; MgCO3 has 1.3; Calcium acetate 1.2; Aluminum hydroxide has 1.5. Better efficacy of MgCO3 (relative to CaCO3) phosphate binding and avoiding increased calcium and consequent calcifications, make two important advantages of RENITINE powder.

Chitosan is a sugar obtained by de-acetylation of chitin shells. Significantly reduces uremia and serum creatinine levels.

Addition: Lactose


1 g per 5 kg TM, 2 times a day.


Up to 5 kg BW, 2 times a day

Up to 10 kg BW, 2 times a day

Up to 20 kg BW, 2 times a day

Or as advised by your veterinary surgeon.


Directions for Use:

Prescribed RENITINE powder doses should be mixed into food.


Store at temperatures up to 25 ° C.

Keep out of reach of children.

For animal use only.

Shelf life: indicated on the packaging.

Manufactured by: Veterinarstvo doo, Milana Predića 20, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia