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About us

For twenty five years, Veterinarstvo is in service of animal breeders with quality of its products in cooperation with Veterinary faculty (University of Belgrade), Veterinary institutes and other referent institutes, our expert team is available to veterinarians, farmers and animal lovers, on daily bases. We would like to have healthy animals and pets, which is both the desire and the requirement of our clients. Veterinarstvo constantly invests in facilities, equipment and product development. We work according to HACCP and GMP quality standards, which gives us the production of the highest quality medicines, premixes, pet food supplements and rodenticides. With faith in our products, from 2010, we export them to neighboring countries –  Macedonia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and look forward to future growth and progress in the markets of other countries.

In 2018. we enriched the range of veterinary products with the new VetaPro line of pet food supplements.
Our company’s core business is to provide top-quality pet products. We strive to make pet products which are healthy recommended by every pet professional in every veterinary clinic or a specialized pet shop.

Satisfaction by Veterinarstvo’s pet products, shown by veterinarians, farmers, animal breeders, and pet owners, encourage our expert team to keep improving our products, create new ones and expand our production in step with silence and new technologies.

VETAPRO na sajmu veterinarstva u Solunu